Make Your Own Stamps Explained

Want to make an app that features your pet, your school mascot, or your favorite food? Now you can! This article will show you how.

Bitsbox already provides thousands of stamps, like these:




But if you try to stamp something really weird, you'll get the dreaded "stamp not found" image. For example, my cat is named Crenshaw. If I try this, it doesn't work. Bitsbox has no idea who Crenshaw is.


But we can fix that by uploading a photo of Crenshaw into Bitsbox. Here's how it works:

Example: upload a stamp

  1. Sign into your Bitsbox coding account.

  2. Click on any app (or create a new one).

  3. Click the Bitsbox library icon in the upper-right corner. Assets

  4. Click the plus icon inside the Stamps tab.

  5. Select an image from your device.

  6. Use the cropping tool to make it just the size you want.

  7. Give your new stamp a name.

  8. Use it in a stamp command with an @ symbol in front of the name.


What are the rules for uploading images?

Any stamps you upload need to follow the Bitsbox community guidelines. You can read them in full at, but here's a quick summary.

  1. Don't upload images that might be offensive. Avoid images that are violent, mean, or inappropriate.

  2. Don't upload images that are owned by other people. For example, copyrighted or trademarked images from TV shows or video games.

  3. Don't upload images that can be used to personally identify people. Images that contain addresses, phone numbers, and real names are a big no-no!

If you do any of the above, Bitsbox may have to delete your images. If we do so, we'll try to let you know why, but we reserve the right to take things down without notice.

If you happen to see anybody else's stamps that you find offensive, please let us know at

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