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Bitsbox Glossary

App number: Bitsbox uses app numbers to help you keep track of all of your apps!

App: a type of software designed to run on a mobile device, like a phone or a tablet.

Bug: are mistakes we make when we’re typing code. The process of finding and correcting 
these errors is called debugging.

Code: the stuff you type that tells your computer what to do. Code is also a verb, and you can say “I coded that Birthday Card app myself!”

Coders: another word for programmers. They are people who make things with code.

Coding: another word for computer programming.

Command: an instruction that makes a computer do something. Every programming language provides a set of commands that the computer can understand.

Debugging: the process of finding and correcting bugs in your programs.

Event: in programming, an event is an action done by the user (like a mouse click, or 
pressing a key) that determines what will happen next in the program.

Function: a piece of code that has a name and can be used over and over again in a program. Sometimes you give a function information and it does something with that information.

JavaScript: abbreviated JS, it is on of the programming languages of the web. Facebook, Google, Pandora, and Twitter are all written in Javascript (at least partially). Javascript is great because it's a close cousin to C, C++, Objective C, and Java, which are Big Important Languages used by Serious People Doing Serious Programming. (*Bitsbox provides a short and sweet library of programming commands, all carefully designed to be easy to type, easy to learn, and flexible.)

Modification: also called a mod, a modification is a change made to existing code to make the final product different than the original.

Program: a set of instructions that tells a computer to do something. It’s a fancy name for code.

Programming: typing instructions for a computer to do something.

Pseudocode: a set of ordered steps for your program written a human language of your choice. It is like writing a program without the programming language part.

For even more words, go to the glossary.

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