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Sign in says my account doesn't exist, but I know it does!

There's a good chance you're trying to sign in to a Kid's account using your Grownup account.

Here's the deal. There are two kinds of accounts on Bitsbox:

  1. Grownup Accounts, aka Store Accounts are for setting up subscriptions, managing your credit card, etc. You get to your Grownup account through our store login.
  2. Kid's Account, aka Coding Accounts are for your kids to save their work. You sign in to coding accounts from the homepage, and make as many as you need. They're free!
We did this because we figured kids would want much easier passwords than their parents.

If you have a grownup account that you made when creating a subscription, it won't work as a kids account. Look for the "Kids Sign Up" link to create a new kids account.

If you need more than one Kid's account, you can use two different email addresses.

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