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What computer language is Bitsbox?

It's Javascript. However, it's not naked Javascript. We provide a short and sweet library of programming commands, all carefully designed to be easy to type, easy to learn, and flexible.

Why Javascript? Because it's arguably the most popular computer language around. Javascript is neat because it's the language of the web. Facebook, Google, Pandora, and Twitter are all written in Javascript (at least partially). Javascript is also great because it's a close cousin to C, C++, Objective C, and Java, which are Big Important Languages used by Serious People Doing Serious Programming.

Here's what we found in a recent search. Note how Javascript compares with other languages that are often touted as good ones for kids to learn.

LanguageNumber of Jobs
Objective C1,500
Visual Basic1,000

The average salary for a Javascript Developer in the US? $91,000 per year.

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